9Hits- traffic exchange

9Hits is an automatic traffic exchange system. Joining our system, you can receive tens of thousands of visits per day from thousand of members around the world. We offer many options that you can configure your website in a flexible manner and fully control the traffic in your own way.
With the enthusiasm of the development team and the unique features that cannot be found in other systems, the number of members is constantly increasing hour to hour. 9Hits would like to bring you the best web traffic solution!

Supported features

Customize duration
GEO-targeting traffic
Hourly limit randomly
Popups allowed
Customize frequency capping
Customize user agents

Customize traffic source (referrer)
Statististic in real-time
Interactive by macro
Stable and safe viewer application
Proxies supported
Multiple sessions supported

9Hits - Traffic Exchange System


New traffic exchange with click feature

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kilohits traffic exchange


AdXchanger is a fully automated traffic exchange. Service is used by thousands of website owners, ad networks and traffic arbitragers. AdXchanger is used to monetize your unsold traffic and can be used to get free traffic to your website.


AdXchanger is a very simple system to use. Members earn points by sending traffic to the URL we provide them. For each point they earn, we send them traffic to the URL the provide us. For example, if they send us 500 visitors, then we will send them 500 visitors. And of course, you'll never receive the same visitors that you sent to us.

We exchange tens of millions of visitors on a daily basis. In the sections below, we'll clearly explain why people choose to use us and the most common types of people who use our service. Don't forget, AdXchanger is 100% free!


Ad networks and traffic arbitragers frequently use AdXchanger to monetize 100% of their traffic. While we only exchange traffic between members (automatically and randomly), this allows them to monetize all of their traffic. When they have traffic that their advertisers don't want, they simply send it to us and we'll send them new traffic. In fact, if the advertisers don't want some of the new traffic, they can send it back to have it replaced over and over until it has all been monetized.


AdXchanger is frequently used by people to generate more traffic to their website. Our system is simple - the more traffic you send to us, the more traffic we send to you. In fact, we'll always send you the exact same amount of traffic that you send to us. And don't worry, we'll provide you with all of the tools needed to send us traffic. Most website owners simply use our popunder code, WordPress plugin, or other third-party integrations to send their traffic to our system.

For Everyone:


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Armybot.net - TE with Javascript Inject Capabilities

How does it work ?

Its really simple. Just follow the steps below and be on your way to more traffic.

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Add you website
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And enjoy traffic to your website

Armybot include cool features such as a mouse clicker. It can click on buttons or whatever you like , a JavaScript Injector to automate user tasks easily.

9Hits - Traffic Exchange System


Improve Rankings with SERPIFY
A Cloud-Delegated Crowd-Sourced Traffic Exchange Solution

REAL browsers searching your keywords
Organic CTR is a MAJOR signal for how the search engines are determining ranking positions
When this happens consistent, it becomes a trend, over time, this has a major impact on search engine ranking positions.

Keep track of the progress with your active keyword campaigns



Tasks are managed and delegated from the cloud, enabling network delegated crowd sourcing. Imagine thousands of real IP's searching your keywords and finding your websites!

Find, Visit & Browse

Our traffic isn't direct or cloaked referrer. Serpify will search for your keywords and find your pages (in the top 200 positions of Google), visit, and randomly browse your websites!

No Bounces

Everytime your website is visited from the Serpify network, the visitor will spend up to 5 minutes randomly scrolling and browsing different pages of your website.

Safe Private Network

Unlike other services like HitLeap where you can view the sites in being visited, we keep our clients sites private and protected.

Lightweight Client

Our Windows application is super light-weight, it won't use much system CPU or memory resources. Don't want to use it? We have an upgrade so you don't have to!

Improve SERP Rankings

When people search for a keyword and end up on your website for a long duration, that shows Google your site is a valued resource. This results in improved rankings!

Ignite Your Backlinks

Serpify can first find any site that links to your site, spend time on that site, then continue to your site, helping get you more link juice! (coming soon)

Monetization Friendly

Serpify will NEVER click on any third party advertisements, making our solution totally safe for Adsense and other ad networks.

Exchange: 4:1
5 Keywords
Up To 2 Pages Per Visit
1-2 Minutes Per Visit
Ticket Support
25% Affiliate Commissions

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