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 is a leading Active Promotion System. There's no any other service in the world, that is able to offer you such an abundance of advertising and promotion opportunities, as JetSwap. And given the number of active members, which has almost 100 thousand (and they are replenished regularly), Jetswap is an indispensable tool for promotion of any Web-resource or project. Ordering promotion campaign to JetSwap, you immediately attract tens of thousands of visitors to your site! All the new and modern promotion tools, combined in one service. And amazingly low prices of JetSwap, will surprise you even more. Promoting your website with JetSwap, you will save a huge amount of money, while receiving the maximum traffic. Our service - is the best way in the world to boost traffic to your site for a short time, minimizing your costs.

Excellent opportunities for web-site promotion and earnings
Two kinds of surfing: Manual and Auto
Exclusive optimized engine of the system
Super Profitable affiliate programs!
Paid e-mails for thousands of users. Extremely low prices!
Up to 2 points per visit for manual surfing!
3-level affiliate program
Web-surfing — let visitors work for you!
Points Stock!
SafeSurf technology - protection against any termination of surfing and bugs!
PopUp-surfing — get a huge amount of points!
Bonuses for active members
VirtualSurf - 100% safe surfing technology.
Automatic bonuses from your referers
Unlimited number of sites and banners per single account
Random Bonuses

Jetswap Promotion

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a great place to advertise your site! Using the tools provided by the system, you can change the position of their sites in search results due to the impact on the social and behavioral factors, as well as to receive the influx of visitors to your resources. If you do not have a large sum of money to promote your website, do not worry! We have established the most favorable prices for the services of advertising and promotion.

With Webisida make money on the Internet is now even easier! You can work at your convenience time and anywhere! We are in no way restrict their users and give you the opportunity to earn as much as you want, as it all depends on your activity. It is not necessary to have a university degree or possess any skills to work on our service. Everything is simple! We have developed our own program for earning a autosurfing by which earnings possible even without your presence.
Autosurfing - traffic for your site
We recommend that you pay attention to autosurfing - a very effective way to improve behavioral factors.
We have 2 types of surf:

    Autosurfing sites - the most simple and does not require your participation way to earn money. All necessary actions are performed automatically by our program for autosurfing.
    Manual surfing sites - in contrast to the previous method of earnings, view the advertiser's site must be done independently.

Per-view websites on your balance in the system will be charged a certain amount of credits that at any time you can sell the system. - система автоматизации посещений





Innovation Online Advertising
Free Promotion of the site

Need visit? Do you want to be the first in the rankings?
Traditional methods of promotion do not bring quick results?

    A wide audience and detailed statistics
    Friendly controls and efficient group of advertising sites
    Lowest price over the visitor on the Internet

Sign up in 30 seconds and get 100 free visits!

Simply configure your system once!
Receiving regular visits to the site in the quantity you need at all times. LIVEsurf used by thousands of website owners and advertising agencies:

    Works automatically without your participation
    The most advanced client program
    Management of behavioral factors

Users: 264213
Websites of users in the system: 346332
Hits from the date of launch: 2969400555

Продвижение сайта


System of exchange visits Simple-Surfing

The system of active promotion allows you to share visits with a special program browser, having the opportunity to work in the background, because you did not want to constantly distracted and monitor its operation. Setting up the system for the promotion of your resources and not be difficult, since the system has an intuitive interface.
How does it work?

Once you download, install and run the program for surfing on your computer, the program will ask for e-mail address to identify you. Identify you as a participant in the system, the application will begin to view the sites of other advertisers and thus earn SimpleMoney (SM) for the promotion of your sites.

Advancement and promotion web resource - not everyone understood process. For unique visitors to your site can be used a great number of methods, but not all of them are really simple and effective. Our way of promotion allows you to quickly and completely free of charge to get the right number of unique visitors.

Простой способ увеличить посещаемость

Websurf ru

Why need autosurfing?
Need visitors? Do you want to be the first in the rankings?
You need a target audience? You need to organize a promotion?
You do not want to pay for it? All that you can do with us! How does autosurfing?
You sign up and start to autosurf mode .
For viewing them you get credits that can be used to display your site!
And as the credits can be used to create banner ads in surfing.

What is attractive in your system?
Participation in our autosurf free for residents of all countries of the world
For registration is given 35 credits (once, after account activation)
For each new referral 40cr + 20% of them received in surfing!
Top 5 users per month will be awarded credits

Free and fast!

Participants in the system: 287372
Websites of users in the system: 296615

Бесконечный серфинг



The aim of the work in the system? 
Our service will help you in the short term to get a unique, live visits to your website. The system is intended only for site promotion. In our system it is impossible to earn real money.
Credits and their earnings
Credits are the internal currency system, they can be spent only on the promotion of your websites. Having a standard(free) account for 1 view you will get 0.5 credit, with improving the type of account this figure will increase.
Starting the software
 On the same computer you can run only 1 copy of the client.
What should I do if I find malicious sites in the client software? 
When it detects a malicious website file a complaint through the program using the button "File a complaint".
The time of the site's view? 
Recommended page visit duration varies from 60 to 180 seconds. With the increase in the timing increases the cost of the demonstration site.

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