If you're looking to increase the traffic of your site, forum, blog, or other, you're on the right place.

What is

Visit the websites of our members and in return you will receive visits to your pages.

With a ratio of 1 point per visit (1:1), you are about to receive so many visits that you make on VisioHits. With a timer of base to 20 seconds, you can get up to 4320 credits per day, without counting the earnings of your referals.

In addition, with a capping default of 1 visit/member/hour, you will not lose your points for some surfers only. This ensures that you only have 24 visits maximum per member, for a interval of 24 hours.

What you have on your account

A surf with a ratio of 1:1 (1 credit earned per 1 site visited), with a timer of 20 seconds.
Add as many sites as you want.
Choose a capping of base to 1 visit per hour, or a classic mode (no capping).
A sponsorship: you will earn 0.1 points for every page surfed of your referral.

What a premium account
A surf with a ratio of 3:2 (1.5 credits earned per 1 site visited), with a timer of 20 seconds.
Choose a capping nil, 1 visit every 1, 6, 12 and 24 hours !
A sponsorship you are willing to earn 0.5 points for each visit of your referal

2.5€ for 30 days, to 16€ the 365 days !

You have the opportunity to help us recruit new members, in exchange for which you receive 0.1 point per site viewed by your referral.

This increases depending on the number of referrals active of course, with no limit of recruitment !

The tools at your disposal is varied : direct link, text Link, HTML and BBcode, sending invitations by email ... With other ways to come !
Please do not hesitate ...

... and REGISTER now ! In order to take advantage of visitors on your pages !
An autosurf is not like the others ...

Use a viewer in the form of a software, installed on your computer (Windows only for now). This allows you to manage the sites-breakers of frame messages of type Alert JS (causing the blocking of the viewers), and have visits without referer (trace of the site viewed previously).

And the development of the viewer is continuous, in order to integrate the best innovations, and provide you with the best service possible.

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